Grow our future


In the next 10 years New Zealand could turn around its environmental concerns, dramatically reduce river pollution & create thousands of new jobs and millions (if not billions) of dollars of regenerative, raw and value added products for use locally and in a blossoming overseas market. This is all possible because of one of humanities oldest crops, Cannabis. Call it what you like but in one form or another Cannabis has been in use by humans as far back as 12000 years ago and its formed a key part of economies and nations, it formed the ropes and canvas that brought settlers to New Zealand, it formed the paper that some of histories most important documents have been written on and its use as a panacea has made it the mainstay of general practitioners until its outlawing at the start of the 20th century.

FirstLight Aotearoa can help you design, build, start, and optimize your hemp & cannabis businesses from initial assessments and planning through to commissioning and ongoing management. Our services are tailored to meet the unique goals and objectives of the New Zealand hemp & cannabis industry and the requirements of growers, producers and product creators to meet regulation and industry standards whilst producing a high quality crop with huge earning potential.

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